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The California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) has documented several “incidents of concern” regarding Mary Cummins wildlife rehabilitation and education permits.  Among its concerns, CDFG states in a letter of reprimand written to Mary Cummins:  ... “The documentation of the squirrel with ‘no eyeballs’ is of great concern and the quality of life for that squirrel is questionable at best.” 4) ….”The photos depict a fox squirrel being choked, a fox squirrel in a public area on several peoples’ heads and shoulders, a juvenile raccoon chewing on the lead of a pencil, and a fox squirrel wearing a t-shirt.”...

2005: Mary Cummins fired from the LA Animal Services Volunteer Program for attempting to undermine their work. 

2007: Mary Cummins reprimanded by CADFW for wildlife VIOLATIONS, including abusing a skunk with "no eyeballs"..


2011USDA, "For the hell of it."


Mary Cummins Wildlife Permit Violations

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