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Mary Cummins' Lawsuit History

In less than half a century, Mary Cummins, aka Mary Katherine Cummins Cobb, aka Mary Cobb Cummins, aka Mary R Cummins, aka Maria Rivera, has managed to involve herself in more lawsuits than most people could possibly fathom. We've found records of 30 from only a few courthouses, and suspect there could be upwards of a hundred from across the US.

Mary Cummins also admitted on video to being involved in almost 25 lawsuits in her court-ordered deposition (see link).

Below is a glimpse of the lawsuits we've uncovered to date. All of the records in this list were obtained from courthouses. If the lawsuit, case summary or similar legal document was available to download, we obtained and linked ​to the actual document. Links are highlighted in gray.


01/25/1984:  CUMMINS MARY R  -  Civil

05/07/1984:  CUMMINS MARY R  -  Civil

05/14/1986:  CUMMINS MARY  - Carolyn Barling v Mary Cummins et al -  Civil


11/14/1986:  CUMMINS MARY RIVERA - Civil

04/30/1987:  CUMMINS MARY - Marie Cobb v Mary Cummins - Civil  (General Jurisdiction

10/30/1987:  CUMMINS MARY C  -  Civil


06/07/1988:  COBB MARY CUMMINS  -  ​Mary Cummins v Edward Katz  - Civil (we suspect Mary  Cummins dated Mr. Katz and then sued him)


08/02/1989: CUMMINS MARY  -  Civil


10/23/1991 CUMMINS MARY R.   -  Civil


12/18/1991: CUMMINS MARY  - ​Mary Cummins v Catholic Church, Bishop, Daughters of America, Juliette Cummins - CONTESTED WILL (Mary Cummins filed a lawsuit to prevent the Catholic Church from receiving money willed to them by her own grandmother.)

05/18/1993: MARY CUMMINS-COBB  -  Mary Cummins v Prudential Realty - Small Claims


 07/20/1995: MARY K CUMMINS-COBB   - Juliette Marie Cummins v Mary Cummins - Imposing Constructive Trust (i.e. Mary Cummins was accused by her own sister of defrauding her grandmother.)

07/23/1997: CUMMINS MARY K. -  ​Mary Cummins v Thunder Roadhouse Classic Moto  - Small Claims

08/03/1999: CUMMINS MARY K.  -​ Mary Cummins v Pina Colapinto - Small Claims


06/30/2000: CUMMINS MARY -  Small Claims

04/23/2001:  CUMMINS MARY  - ​Frederick Ritterreiser v Mary Cummins - Civil Actio


09/04/2001: CUMMINS MARY K.  - Civil Harassment (Unlimited)


10/09/2001: CUMMINS MARY -Jason Simas v Mary Cummins - Trespass; Conversion; Nuisance; Slander of Title; Assault; Defamation; False Imprisonment; Invasion of Right of Privacy; Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress; Negligencet Infliction of Emotional Distress; Negligence; Declaratory Relief.


03/12/2002: CUMMINS MARY K.  -  Civil Harassment (Unlimited)


07/07/2003: MARY CUMMINS  - ​Kathy Knight-McConnell v Mary Cummins Conspiracy; Copyright Infringement; Defamation; Securities Law; Tortious Interference; ...


03/07/2005: MARY CUMMINS  -  ​Beverly Hills BMW v Mary Cummins - Intellectual Property


02/03/2006: CUMMINS MARY  - Product Liablty


07/20/2007: CUMMINS-COBB MARY K.  - ​Mary Cummins V City of LA  - Wrongful Termination


02/21/2008: CUMMINS-COBB MARY   -  ​American Express v Mary Cummins - COLLECTIONS CASE


09/13/2010: Mary Cummins  -  Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary v Mary Cummins  - Defamation and Breach of Contract (Mary Cummins finally met her match here, she was ordered to pay 6.1 Million in Damages)


12/30/2010: COBB MARY CUMMINS -​Mary Cummins v Eric Schmidt of GOOGLE - Civil Harassment (Yes, this is the CEO of Google that Mary Cummins tried to involve. The case was dismissed)


01/03/2011: CUMMINS-COBB MARY -  Mary Cummins v Laurel Anderson - Small Claims


09/29/2011: ​MARY CUMMINS  - Mary Cummins v Amanda Lollar, et at. Defamation, Interference with Business Relations; Infliction of Emotional Distress  (Mary Cummins LOST this case)


07/09/2012: MARY CUMMINS - ​Mary Cummins v Amanda Lollar, et al  (Mary Cummins lost)


10/10/2012: MARY CUMMINS - ​Mary Cummins v Eric Shupps (Mary Cummins lost)

10/10/2012: MARY CUMMINS - ​Mary Cummins v Rebecca Dymetryc & Tiffany Krog (Mary Cummins lost)

09/30/2013: MARY CUMMINS - Mary Cummins v Amanda Lollar (Mary Cummins lost her attempt to get a restraining order on her victim)

02/23/2015: MARY CUMMINS - Mary Cummins v Amanda Lollar, appeal (Mary Cummins lost her appeal of the above mentioned suit)

04/09/2015: MARY CUMMINS - Mary Cummins v Amanda Lollar (Mary Cummins loses her appeal of the 6 Million Dollar Judgement and now is forced to pay Amanda Lollar the entirew amount).

8/28/15: MARY CUMMINS - Mary Cummins v Amanda Lollar (Mary Cummins loses her appeal to the Supreme Cort of Texas)

09/15/15: MARY CUMMINS - Mary Cummins v Amanda Lollar & John Does 1-10 (Mary Cummins' friviolous personal injury case dismissed)


9/30/15: MARY CUMMINS  - Mary Cummins v Amanda Lollar & Bat World Sanctuary (Mary Cummins lost her Appeal in trying to stop Amanda Lollar from seizing her bank account records.

 4/10/17: Mary Cummins - Acknowledgement of Assignment of Judgement Konstantin Khionidi vs Mary Cummins


12/04/17: Mary Cummins fraudulent petition to obtain bankruptcy




Note: If you are involved in a case with Mary Cummins and need court documents to declare her a vexatious litigant click here.

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