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Mary Cummins Death Threats

Death Threats made by Mary Cummins


Mary Cummins Facebook post regarding a wildlife rehabilitator:


Mary Cummins posts regarding witnessess who testified against her at a trial in Texas where a 6.1 Million dollar judgement was levied against Cummins:


In an attempt to get a restraining order against Amanda Lollar (to whom Cummins owes 6.1 Million from the above referenced trial), Mary Cummins filed false police reports against Lollar. Allegedly, this was done to get Lollar to CA so Cummins could shoot Lollar. Lollar feared for her life, so Lollar's attorney attended the hearing in her place. Cummins restraining order was denied and she was ordered to pay Lollar's attorney fees:

Cummins also posted this about Amanda Lollar, who has been married for over 10 years:

Cummins later posted:

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