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Please view the photos and videos below and then contact CADFG and demand that Mary Cummins no longer be allowed to work with wildlife: CADFG -


Mary Cummins making baby raccoons cry for the camera. Orphaned babies should never be subjected to this kind of discomfort




Mary Cummins makes a dying baby raccoon suffer to be filmed. Listen to this poor baby groan because he wants to be left alone. Instead he is held up for the camera and filmed even while he is apparently dying.





Mary Cummins traps a dying pallid bat, rescued from research, on the edge of a shelf where it could not move. The bat sits there trembling while Mary Cummins films it.





Mary Cummins blows in a baby possums face just to scare it.




Mary Cummins squeezes and scares a baby squirrel to make it "talk" for the camera.




Facebook post where Mary Cummins talks about shaking baby squirrels.










Mary Cummins Animal Cruelty

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